Monday, 2 November 2015


You can discover your inner toddler with Snap chat. A word or emoji to better show, you simply color in a piece of your picture or video.

patch add snap chat then you add to your word or emoji and see: more fun effect!

color behind text on simple snap chat.

4 Snap Chat text bigger, make bold or colored

Maybe you have it figured out, but you can add more texts you make to your snaps to snap chat, loosening of the black bar, and a variety of colors add geven.tekst snap chat

Take a snap (photo or video) and click on the "T" symbol at the top of the screen.
You can type text in the black bar
Ready? Click on ready or click elsewhere you know, outside the text bar
Now comes: click again on the "T" symbol at the top of your screen
Locator = text is big, bold and is separated from the black text bar (you can move it around the screen, try it)
Clicking the button again = you bold text centered, relative to themselves at least
Clicking the button again = your text is back in the bar
You can edit your text by clicking on it. You see right a color scale that allows you to edit the color of your text.
Protip: you can also grab your piece of text and rotate. So you get the text slanted at your screen!
colored text on snapchat5. Longer add text to snap chat

The standard length of a text in Snap Chat is (as I write this, in October 2015), but 37 characters.

long text chat snap happy someone has found a way to add longer texts, at least for iPhone owners. The question remains whether you should want, of course, but the variation is not a bad snap chat trick:

Open the Notes app on the iPhone (under "extras?)
Click on 'new'
A few times then 'return'
Double-click on the note and click on "Select all"
Click 'copy'
Back to your snap
Double-click the text box and click Paste
You now have as many rules as the space you 'returns' is selected in your note.
Note: If you type your text is not automatically jumps to a new line. You have to manually skip to the beginning of the line you will want to type. This requires a bit puzzling. The rule itself remains 37 characters long.
6. Make your photo or video with a better filter.

Think: Instagram. It works very simple: make your photo or video and swipe to the left to your photo to create a little nicer, or black and white.

7. Make the weirdest selfie Snap Chat lenses

daaetje discovered at Snap Chat EljaAl, the Snap Chat lenses? So make those weird pictures of themselves:

Turn the cam to selfie (where you see yourself)
Click on your face, hold more firmly than usual
You see very shortly a sort grid appear on your face.
Underneath appear several rounds of 'lenses'.
Click on them and see how ridiculous you look like! :)
Make sure you do not sit too close to the camera, there is no room for the lenses and he does not.
Snap Chat lenses filters Elja daaetje

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Snap Chat is only fun if you have one) fun accounts follows (egpuurevents andgabygaby or er, the undersigned,daaetje) and 2) itself refers to the experiment.

Tip of the day: do on other social networks know that you are on snap chat and under what name, share pictures of you know code to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, because that's the easiest way to ensure that someone is also looking at what you share!...